About Katherinn

  My name is Katherinn De Camillis I was born in Peru and have been living in the USA for the past 30 years.  Currently I am 37, and a single mother to a beautiful, loving, smart girl that I am madly obsessed with and my reason to why I am on this new path of rebuilding our lives.

In my previous relationship with her dad for 17 years, the first 10 were good, then the last 7 years it all turn for the worst, as we decided to change the lives for the better…. what ended up happening was of his ego and his way of wanting to do things our lives turned for the worst .  We both entered the world of working from home and personal development, and I grew from the inside out and personal growth got me to open my eyes and realize that where I was currently standing along with my daughter at the age of 37 was not where I had imagined or dreamed to be.  He did not want to change, his anger got worst, his ego and macho ways got worst, I felt unloved, not appreciated, disrespected and felt like a maid… He got verbal and even physical. That is when I decided it was time to take control of mine and my daughters life by going on our own.

This is why I am here today… starting this new journey in order to give my daughter and I the life we deserve.

Stay tuned to my blog as I share our journey and the process of growing a home business that will leads us to a life of financial stability and one day freedom.

If this is something that you will like to learn how to do, and learn to rebuild your world from the inside out…. I welcome to join me, and let me show you what I do to make it happen…


Katherinn De Camillis Trisano