Why Is Personal Growth The Key to Your Future!

What is Personal Growth?

Personal growth is the ongoing process of understanding and developing oneself in order to achieve one’s fullest potential. Personal Development is vital in a person’s growth and maturity for themselves.  Learning to personally grow from the inside out is crucial to the beginning of a new you for a better, happier and much more fulfilling life.  This helps people, be better at being able to better handle hardships of life, that come around from time to time.  At times when you lest expect them, and do not need them to come.  Learning to be able to step out of them much faster and with a different view is much better, then staying in a place of anger and confusion in where it will take you no where but deeper.

Self-Growth, especially in today’s world is the foundation for your emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and financial life. Today life is running faster than we can handle, life seems to get harder, the happiness and willingness to keep going is fading away, leaving families broken with the overwhelming and stressful feeling that it will never get better, gasping for air, not understanding your emotions, why you are not being understood or taken seriously, and most of the time the easiest thing most people do is ignore it, thinking the way one feels and what is happening to you, it is someone else’s fault and that it will just magically go away or fix itself.

In reality you are feeding more negativity into it..and the result will be that one day it can come back and take you down like never before… I myself, Katherinn have experience this outcome for ignoring my emotions and feelings… Yet it has helped me to be who I am today, continuing to grow and be able to share with others in order to help them get right back up as well… it is possible, it all starts with us.

Profound Effect

Personal Growth or Self Growth has the most powerful profound long effect that lasts, and that its, once you start learning how to master it, you will see how you will begin to feel more passionate about life in general, opening your eyes to even more realizations and finding out things about yourself that you may not even know or remember they were there.

Once you master the act of CANI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement) you will discover and start to feel how much more naturally motivated you are in wanting to make the changes in the areas you yourself realized needed some changes.

Learning and Growing add natural motivation, happiness and excitement like never before, making you keep moving and working at it one day at a time, until you learn to master it, and move on to the next goal and so on. You see in life we are either climbing or declining there is no in between, and I do not think anyone wants to go lower than they might see themselves in some areas or all areas. We all want to be happy and successful, yet that does not come easy, you must work for it, it all depends on how you plan to do it and your action plan to make it happen, in how long, and how willing are you to act on it daily and constantly?

This is where you use the key of personal and self-growth in order to create your action plan and do the hard work necessary to make it happen. This is just like learning in school, you are just learning from home, how to build 2 things for you, one of most important and critical one is “YOU” and the other is YOUR HOME BUSINESS or CAREER (which ever it may be).

How do you Learn Personal or Self Growth for Both Personal and Business?

One of the most effective ways to do it, is to find yourself a personal/self-growth mentor and coach that has the experience, knowledge and training to help you do just that. The formats come in the following areas, audio, video, books both hard copy and downloadable, PFD E-books and workbooks as well. I will share with you the mentors, coaches, books, audio’s and videos that we learn from every single day.

The most important thing that we must do when we decide to make the changes around us, is to always maintain yourself listening and being around positive people and things, that will help you grow, not help you lose. One of the first rejections most people face, is that fact that they do not have the time to study or sit there and listen to an audio and answer questions as they ask you… its crucial and it will be so worth it… once we share with you in a bit how you can use what we learned to use, which is our downtime,, which is time you are not being useful and are doing non-productive things, and use that time to listen to audio or read a book, even if it’s just 20 to 30 minutes a day, after 30 to 60 days you will start to have an understanding of what it is that you need to do to make the change happen for yourself and your future.

Places I consider downtime (non-productive time)

When you are driving to and from work

– While cleaning

– While at the pool or beach

– During your lunch time or break time

– Watching T.V

– While exercising

– While playing games online

Before Bed Time

I am sure by now, you get the picture and you might be finding some downtime’s yourself that you know you can utilize for your personal growth.

So, you ask what can I do during this downtime’s, to better myself, well as I mentioned you can listen or read from the following mentors in personal growth that we recommend and that we have learned from to turn our beliefs and standards around:

Jim Rohn

Tony Robbins

– Les Brown

– Dani Johnson

Ligia M. Houben

Each of the above personal growth coaches helped me in internally growing from the inside out.  Each one of them has helped to realize so many things… learn how to control my emotions and my mental state, through the hardest time in my life.  Without them, I would not where I would be today, in the journey with my daughter towards bettering our lives to live a stable emotional and happy life… and work towards financial stability and one day financial freedom, in order to be able to help many.

To us, the best time to listen to audio is on your way to and from work, what better time to get you thinking then morning and afternoon rush hour. During your lunch time, you can read a book, it does not matter if it is only 5 pages a day… all that matters is that you do it, even in small amounts, because those small amounts after time will have made a big difference in your life.

As you can see there are ways to get you going, you just need to learn to plan it and work at it one day at a time, the first step is learning to build the consistency and accepting the changes that need to be made so you start acting on making the change/s happen.

I want to thank you for staying till the end of the blog, and please let us know on the comments below.

Remember… We Only Have One Life to Live… So Let’s Live It to the Fullest and Live It the Way We Want to

Have a Safe, Happy and Blessed Day and 2016 to You and Your Loved Ones!

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Have a Safe, Happy and Blessed Rest of 2017 to You and Your Loved Ones!


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